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8 Must-Sees for This Holiday Season

The holiday season in San Francisco is just another of our best-kept secrets. It’s the perfect time for you to visit! Hotels and airfare are more affordable than other times of the year, and there’s no shortage of things to do. Here are just eight of the can’t-miss holiday events coming to San Francisco in 2018. See

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The Blue Angels are Headed to San Francisco!

Fleet Week is one of the most popular and well-known events in San Francisco. For a city with as many festivals and events as San Francisco, that’s really saying something. History of Fleet Week The Fleet Week celebration formed as a natural extension of the annual arrival of the Navy ships that would dock in San Francisco during

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6 Useful Household Items You Can Rent for a Fraction of What They Cost to Buy

Outfitting your home or apartment with everything you need is no easy feat. Certain items can be wildly expensive or inconvenient to store, especially if you’re short on space. There are also some household items—like a paint sprayer—that you’re bound to use only a handful of times in your life, so purchasing them probably isn’t wise.

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How to Decorate a Small Backyard: 8 Ideas to Deck Out Your Tiny Space

Savvy homeowners and renters know that a small backyard can be functional, even if it’s the size of a broom closet. With the right furnitureand decor, your pocket patio will look like a cozy oasis perfect for lounging, container gardening, or even hosting small gatherings. (Emphasis on small.) The best way to curate a small yet functional outdoor space

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Trump Tariffs Have Hit U.S. Home Builders Hard, but Luxury Market Is Mostly Unscathed

Home builders throughout the U.S. have seen stratospheric price increases on steel, aluminum, lumber and other core housing materials this summer due to tariffs imposed by the Trump administration, and experts say the industry is bracing for continued pain, as the president appears likely to move forward with a proposed tax on at least $200 billion worth

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San Francisco September Newsletter

September is typically the single month with the highest number of new listings coming on market in San Francisco, a big spike in inventory which fuels the relatively short autumn selling season. Very early indications are that this September may …

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