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Take a moment today to look at these San Francisco houses of yore

Bygone structures that almost withstood the test of time Charles W. Cushman’s private color photos, now available via the Indiana University Archives, feature scenes of San Francisco’s vivid past. From the World’s Fair to circa-1967 Haight street hippies, Cushman documented the city like no other. After all, how many photogs captured a man and his pet raccoon going for a walk

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New Map Reveals Ships Buried Below San Francisco

Dozens of vessels that brought gold-crazed prospectors to the city in the 19th century still lie beneath the streets. Every day thousands of passengers on underground streetcars in San Francisco pass through the hull of a 19th-century ship without knowing it. Likewise, thousands of pedestrians walk unawares over dozens of old ships buried beneath the

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Berkeley voted fifth best city in America

When the college rankings site Niche released its Best Places To Live Rankings for 2017, Ann Arbor, Michigan took the number one spot for best cities, with the likes of Naperville, Illinois taking the silver medal. But not very far down the list in the number five spot: none other than Berkeley, California. Niche compares American cities via measures like public

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1000+ Things to Do in San Francisco & Bay Area

Out of town guests are arriving, the kids are hungry, the dog is restless, or you are just lying on the couch reading email and need something to motivate you to get up and out of the house. Dinner, brunch, …

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4 New Ways to Sail Lake Tahoe—From a Powerboat Picnic to a Romantic Gondola

The snow is rapidly (and finally) melting and Big Blue is full of promise for summer boaters itching to get out on the water. And now more than ever, there are interesting ways to do so, whether you book a Venetian-style gondola or a ride on a pristine Chris Craft water taxi. Here’s how to

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5 places to see the total solar eclipse (and also eat, drink + play)

Serious astronomy buffs likely made their plans for viewing this summer’s total solar eclipse back in 2016, but for those of us bandwagoners who are a little late to the celestial party, here’s the 411. The moon will completely eclipse the sun on August 21st for the first time since 1979—and it will be visible

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